HELLO, facebook!

CiPHR joins Facebook

You might not know us or be familiar with all of the work we’ve done to contribute to public health research and advance the public health sphere. We’ve been around for a while (since 2003) but we haven’t had a strong Facebook presence up to now.  We’re looking to change that by involving YOU.   We believe in the power of the person, how sharing information makes a difference, and how we can all learn from each other. It’s so important to us to share what we’re learning about how we can use technology to promote health, and how technology is making our lives better (…and sometimes more challenging!).  We’re REALLY excited to have you here.

facebook picture alliancePlease help welcome us in our transition to facebook by “liking” our page and even posting a little hello or a comment about why you care about public health – or even what you would like to know more about!

Here’s why we decided to branch out into facebook:

Back when the company started in 2003, we realized that this emerging thing called the “Internet” was not a fad (yes, some people weren’t sure in the beginning!); rather, it was going to play more and more of a role in our daily lives.  Dr. Michele Ybarra founded the then-named Internet Solutions for Kids, Inc. to bring research and awareness to important, but poorly addressed topics like Cyberbullying. The world has changed a lot since then. Issues like Cyberbullying now are nationally and internationally recognized as experiences that can seriously and negatively affect the quality of life of people who are involved.   And, the Internet is not the only new technology on the scene anymore: cell phones also are transforming the way we communicate and interact with each other.  With all of this change, it’s not surprising that our company has changed too: Over time, our focus has zoomed out from one solely aimed at children and adolescents to now include a wider range of age groups. We also have broadened our focus from one that looks just at the Internet to one that more holistically looks at new technologies, including cell phones, etc.  Our new name, the Center for Innovative Public Health Research (CiPHR), reflects both these internal and external changes. In embracing the constant evolution of technology, CiPHR also reflects the emerging realities.

We are so very proud of our achievements thus far: being an original resource recognized by the Federal Trade Commission for helping youth affected by Cyberbullying; developing the first text messaging-based program to help adults quit smoking in Turkey and then bringing it to the United States to help young adults quit smoking here; using the Internet to teach teens in Uganda learn healthy sexuality and HIV prevention; providing a free screening test for depression; and researching the impacts (good and bad) that technology is having on youth behavior.  We know that making a POSITIVE difference doesn’t stop here.  We are committed to making a difference every day by constantly improving the way we help those who endeavor to live healthfully to do so.

Our vision is to promote positive human development through the creation and implementation of innovative and unique technology-based research and health education programs. Public health is ever evolving and so are we.

It would make a big difference to us if you connected with us on facebook to help share our vision. Together, we can decode how technology influences and can improve public health.

Thank you for helping us to be a part of the community!

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