HELLO, facebook!

CiPHR joins Facebook You might not know us or be familiar with all of the work we’ve done to contribute to public health research and advance the public health sphere. We’ve been around for a while (since 2003) but we haven’t had a strong Facebook presence up to now.  We’re looking to change that by involving YOU.   We believe in the power of the person, how sharing information makes a difference, and how we can all learn from each other. It’s so important to us to share what we’re learning about how we can use technology to promote health, and how technology is making our lives better (…and sometimes more challenging!).  We’re REALLY excited to have you here. Please help welcome us in our transition to facebook by “liking” our page and even posting a little hello or a comment about … [Read more...]

Help Create Effective Violence Prevention

A call for more effective violence prevention December 2012 Connecticut School Shooting Position Statement Nine school violence prevention researchers and practitioners nationwide have developed a position statement on the Dec. 14, 2012 Connecticut school shootings that is being disseminated across the U.S. today. It is in response to the tragic acts of violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School and updates the School Shootings Position Statement that was disseminated nationally following the tragic school-related shootings of 2006.  The driving force behind the statement is to communicate scientifically informed principles and recommendations for practitioners, policymakers and the public at large. We are proud that Dr. Ybarra is a signator on the position statement.  The position … [Read more...]

Why We Changed Our Name

Internet Solutions for Kids, Inc. (ISK) is pleased to announce our new name: Center for Innovative Public Health Research (CiPHR). The Center for Innovative Public Health Research (formerly Internet Solutions for Kids) has been quietly growing into one of the most innovative and progressive technology-focused organizations in the technology and public health space. Focusing on social media, texting, Internet use, and online games, we are helping change the way we understand how youth and young adults use media, and the ways we use media to reach young people and promote healthy behaviors. Dr. Michele Ybarra founded then-ISK in 2003. "I always knew I wanted to try to improve people's lives," says Dr. Ybarra from her office in San Clemente, California. After earning her BA in psychology … [Read more...]