a key resource in the fight against cyberbullying, a ground breaking website focusing on cyberbullying and created by Internet Solutions for Kids, recently has been highlighted as a key resource in the fight for youth safety online.  Parents will find this as well as other informative sites and helpful information in Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids about Being Online, an important new parent guide published by the Federal Trade Commission. is listed as one of the essential online tools for parents and teens alike.  The site presents a  well researched roadmap to thwarting teen cyberbullying.  “While there are many sites out there that talk about bullying online, few speak to teens.  We are pleased that CyberBully411 has been recognized as a leading resource in this area.  Not only is it data-based, but its designed to be fresh and welcoming for young people”, Dr. Ybarra describes.

Internet safety seems to be on the mind of every parent, politician, and media personality these days.  Indeed, recent stories detail the horrific impact that online peer-to-peer aggression can have on the lives and well being of young people. These incidents are terrifying for any parent.

Parents and educators  who want to help children navigate the internet safely often feel that they lack the skills and know-how to do so.  Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids about Being Online is to the rescue.  A must-have resource for parents, Net Cetera includes information and advice about talking to children and teenagers about staying safe online, protecting their private information, texting, social network etiquette and more. The Guide was published in December, 2009 and is available free of charge at

Internet Solutions for Kids is a non-profit research organization in the US centered on understanding the impact on and opportunities for adolescent health represented by new technologies. Their mission is to promote new and innovative methods that improve the health and safety of young people. was created by Internet Solutions for Kids, Inc with funding from the Community Technology Foundation of California.