Our Staff

Michele Ybarra MPH PhD, CEO and Research Director.
Dr. Ybarra is a recognized researcher in technology-related health issues for young people. She has published extensively in the areas of Internet harassment and other types of online victimization, health information seeking, and research methods as they relate to technology. She also has developed and tested multiple technology-based behavior change programs both domestically and internationally. Current projects include a national longitudinal survey of youth that aims to identify youth characteristics related to the emergence of sexual violence over time (R01 CE001543; R01 HD083072); the development and testing of a text messaging-based teen pregnancy prevention program for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and other sexual minority teen women (TP2AH000035); and the development and testing of an HIV prevention program for young adults across Uganda (R34 MH109296).

Past projects include the development and testing of Guy2Guy, a text messaging-based HIV prevention program for gay, bisexual, and queer teen men in the United States (R01MH096660); CyberSenga, an Internet-based HIV prevention program for adolescents in Mbarara, Uganda (R01 MH080662); a national survey that endeavored to better understand the positive and negative experiences of LGBT and non-LGBT youth online via a national survey (R01HD057191); the development and testing of a text messaging-based smoking cessation program among young adults in the United States (R21CA135669) and adult smokers in Turkey (R01TW007918); as well as a longitudinal study to examine the associations between exposure to violent new media and seriously violent behavior (U49 CE000206).

Dr. Ybarra holds a doctorate in child mental health services research and evaluation from the department of mental health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She was a pre-doctoral fellow of the National Institutes of Mental Health and was a joint fellow of the American Schools of Public Health / Centers for Disease Control.

Joseph R. Schwab, President and Director of Technology.
With over twenty years of professional experience in Interactive Design, Development and Advertising, Joseph Schwab has been at the forefront of online advertising and website development since the Internet gained prominence in the late 1990’s. Mr. Schwab has accumulated invaluable experience with world class brands including: Apple,Sony Playstation, MTV, Pepsi One, Nissan, Infiniti, Acura, Samsung, Olympus America, Experian, Kyocera, Namco, working with top advertising agencies including: TBWA/Chiat/Day, The Designory, Deutsch LA, Genex, Truth Agency.

Trevor Slocum, Senior PHP Developer.
Trevor Slocum is a self-taught developer, with his roots in writing web applications and web-based games.  He has launched multiple open source projects: After successfully monetizing an idea of a web-based game at the age of 15, Trevor expanded his programming ventures to include the cloning of another popular web-based game, emulating a popular image board and sharing the code worldwide, contributing his own code to other open source projects, and writing a successful Android application.

Lauren Jackson BSc, MPhil, Research Associate II.

Ms. Jackson has a joint honors bachelors of science in Psychology and Criminology which lead her to get her Master’s degree in Criminological Research at the University of Cambridge.

Both Ms. Jackson’s undergraduate and graduate dissertations were focused on the effects of all-male peer groups in higher education institutions and their implications for an increased risk of violence against women specifically sexual assault of university woman. Ms. Jackson’s graduate dissertation was an ethnographic case study of all male drinking societies at the University of Cambridge and their implication for DeKeseredy’s Male Peer Support theory.  During her fieldwork, she took on the role of participant as observer during their social gatherings and conducted qualitative interviews covering topics of sexual assault, violence, drug and alcohol use, and criminal behavior with participants recruited from exclusive all-male groups (all-male drinking societies) within a UK university.

Her work at CiPHR includes coordinating the Growing up with Media study, a longitudinal survey study examining the emergence of various forms of violence in adolescence. In her role as a Research Associate II, she also assists with survey development, participant outreach, study progress tracking, and cohort retention efforts for CiPHR’s Growing up with Media study. Ms. Jackson is passionate about research that works to engage men and boys in gender equality and ending violence against woman around the globe.

Courtney Crivelli, BS, Research Assistant.

Courtney Crivelli has her Bachelor of Science in Public Health Science from the University of California, Irvine. Her passion for public health stemmed from her courses as an undergraduate and have only grown since working at CiPHR.

At CiPHR, Ms. Crivelli works on the Growing up with Media study. Her work pertains to participant monitoring, outreach, and recruitment, as well as to survey development. She intends on pursuing a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology in order to further her knowledge and experience in the field. Her research interests revolve around environmental health and the impact of technology.

Kimberly Smith, BA, Research Assistant.

Kimberly Smith graduated from Loyola Marymount University with an honors degree in Psychology. As a student, Ms. Smith was awarded her Honors in Psychology Senior Thesis Award for her project “The Effect of Support Groups for Disabled Individuals” and presented her findings at the 2016 Loyola Marymount University Undergraduate Research Symposium in Los Angeles, California. In addition to this, Ms. Smith was also awarded the Presidential Citation Award from the LMU Office of the President, which is presented to outstanding graduating seniors with combined academic, service and leadership excellence.

After her undergraduate work, Ms. Smith served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Mobile, Alabama for one year as a volunteer with L’Arche Mobile, a thriving community for adults living with intellectual disabilities.

As a Research Assistant, Ms. Smith primarily works with the G2G study through participant communication and outreach, assisting with the management of CiPHR’s social media pages, and working to help improve participant retention. She also assists with all of CiPHR’s ongoing research studies. Ms. Smith hopes to continue her education in the future to further her knowledge in her passion of Health Psychology and research.