CiPHR is unique in our knowledge of youth and how their technology use affects their health behaviors.  Our experts help put research findings in perspective, and researchers to apply findings appropriately.

We pride ourselves in combining evidence-based research with industry-leading technologies and creative services.  Drawing on our wealth of expertise in research, technology and marketing, we provide the following services to research groups and public health-related businesses:

Research & Consulting:

  • Text messaging-based intervention development (software and/or content)
  • Internet-based intervention development (software and/or content)
  • Longitudinal study design and implementation
  • Consultation on research design
  • Survey instrument development
  • Report Preparation & Presentation
  • Manuscript review and editing
  • Media consultation in the areas of Internet safety, public health technology

Creative and Technology Services:

  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Web / Apps
  • Text Message Marketing & Applications
  • Website Development / Management
  • Website Hosting